Concepts believes in an integrated family approach. The family unit and especially the role of parents/guardians is critical in helping children find a secure base of healthy relationships and long-term success.

Each child’s brain is different and each child has different needs. Parents need to address historical and current issues that are unresolved and which prevent effective functioning; including family-of-origin (prior loss, trauma, attachment difficulties), substance abuse, and marital/relationship problems.

Parents/guardians will learn specific concepts, skills and attitudes that are effective with emotional dysregulation, attachment issues or trauma related problems.

Parents/guardians will also learn techniques to effectively parent children with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neurological disorders.


Concepts has received it’s 3 year accreditation with CARF for integrated mental health and substance abuse for adults, adolescents and children.

ODMHSAS Certified

Attorney General Certified for our Batterers Intervention Program and DVI assessments.